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Our Patients and Clients

Neural Signals Inc. was formed in 1989 to serve the needs of our patient-subjects using science. The aim of our science is primarily to benefit our patients. We value scientific progress but believe in putting human needs before our scientific goals.  At Neural Signals, the patient comes first, which is a defining cornerstone of our company philosophy.

The above subjects above gave their permission to have their faces displayed. The first subject on the left, MH, showed that the Neurotrophic Electrode can work. Our second subject, JR, showed that he could communicate with a computer and spell out words for synthetic speech. On the right is ER who has demonstrated that a speech prosthesis is possible. See the Research module for details.

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クロエ バッグ クロエ バッグ クロエ アリソン クロエ アリソン クロエ 財布
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