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Our Patients and Clients

Neural Signals, Inc. is grateful to our partners, contributors, and associates whose collaborations have supported the growth and progress of our mission. 

We are particularly grateful to our active collaborators as listed below.

Active Collaborators

  Georgia Institute of Technology: Dinal Andreasen, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Cobb County Campus Atlanta, Georgia.

  Georgia Institute of Technology: Prof. Mark Clements, Mr. Brett Mathews, and Teresa Sanders, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Atlanta, Georgia.

  Boston University, Prof. Frank Guenther and Mr. Jonathan Brumberg, Dept of Cognitive and Neural Sciences, Boston, Massachusetts.
  Behan Consulting: Sonny Behan, Buford Highway, Duluth, GA 30096. 

  Emory University, Prof. Thomas Wichmann, Dept. of Neurology, Atlanta, Georgia

  Dr. Roy A.E.Bakay, Rush Presbyterian Hospital, Chicago, Illinois.

  Northwestern University, Prof. Lee Miller and Mr. Jim Rebesco, Dept. of Physiology,   Chicago, Illinois.

  University of Pittsburgh, Prof. Andy Schwartz and Dr. Meel Vellista, Dept of   Physiology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  North Carolina State University, Dr. Crystal Gordon, Electrical Engineering, Raleigh, North Carolina.

  Emory University  Dr. Hui Mao, Department of Radiology, Atlanta, Georgia.

  Gwinnett Medical Center. Dr. Princewill Ehirim, Dept. of Neurosurgery.


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